Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Stop Wrun32.exe After It Runs for 30 Minutes

How to Stop Wrun32.exe After It Runs for 30 Minutesthumbnail Kill problematic processes with Windows Task Manager. Wrun32.exe is a 32-bit runtime process called "Acucobol" that was designed by Acucorp Inc. to execute code written in the Cobol programming language. If a Wrun32.exe process has trouble executing, or if the file is corrupt, the Wrun32.exe process can remain active and continue to chew up system resources. If Wrun32.exe runs for too long you can close it manually using the Windows Task Manager.


Save all open work and close all open applications.


Hold the "Ctrl+Shift" keys and then press the "Esc" key to open the Windows Task Manager.


Click the "Processes" tab and find the Wrun32.exe process in the list.


Right-click Wrun32.exe and click "End process" in the menu.


Click the "End process" button to manually end the Wrun32.exe process.

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