Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Make the Hunger Bar in RMXP

RPG Maker XP -- aka RMXP -- is a game-making tool developed by the Japanese software company Enterbrain and released in 2005. The program's code is based on the Ruby scripting language -- a relatively simple, easily parsable language that can be manipulated by novice users. It is also powerful enough for more advanced users to create customized game elements -- in this case, Hunger and Thirst meters.


Add the Hunger and Thirst script to the code for your RPG project by going to Tools then Database in RMXP, or by pressing "F11."


Right-click the menu in the "Scripts" tab, and select "New." Copy and paste the code for the Hunger and Thirst script, click "Apply," then enter the name "Hunger and Thirst" in the name space in the bottom-left. This code is required. Without it, the script for the Hunger and Thirst bars won't display any information.


Create another new script, then copy the HUD Add-On code displayed underneath the Hunger mechanic script. Repeat Step 2, but name the code "Hunger and Thirst HUD."

In both codes, the code for the Hunger and Thirst components are separated by plain text markers. So you can delete one or the other, if you want to use just one of the components of the script.

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