Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Make a Stable Snow Hut

How to Make a Stable Snow Hutthumbnail You can build a sturdy snow hut. Creating a snow hut is an activity that allows you to take advantage of large amounts of snow by building a shelter. For families that are snowed in, it’s a fun way to pass the time. However, you want to build a snow hut that is guaranteed to be stable and safe when you crawl inside. You need to know how to stabilize your snow hut to ensure that it stays standing and doesn’t cave in.

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Pile enough snow to make a large mound. The height should be at least 7 feet. Shovel the snow on top of the mound until it is big enough. Pat the snow until it is in the shape of a dome. Allow the snow to sit for a minimum of 90 minutes.


Shovel snow away to make the entrance to the snow hut. Dig into the snow mound to hollow out the space for the inside of the hut.


Push measuring sticks into the top of the snow hut, on the outside. These sticks will mark the inside walls of the snow hut.


Shovel snow from the inside of the hut until you reach each of the sticks. Shovel the snow from the hut going from top to bottom.


Dig a trench inside of the snow hut using the shovel. Ensure that the trench reaches the ground to allow extra ventilation. Use the excess snow from the trench to create snow beds.


Create a small hole in the top of the hut using one of the sticks. This allows for further ventilation of the hut.

Do not build a snow hut in a ski area, or any other high traffic area where others will run into it.

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