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How to Attach Cupcake Pageant Skirts

How to Attach Cupcake Pageant Skirtsthumbnail Attach the perfect bodice to a custom cupcake skirt for the perfect pageant gown. Cupcake skirts are known by many names, including dress shells, pettiskirts, southern-style skirts and organza-ruffled skirts. They are the defining, decorative touch of a glitzy pageant gown. These fluffy, ruffled skirts attach to gowns to create a pageant skirt that will cause the judges to take notice and award points. They are typically purchased and designed separately from the bodice portion of the pageant skirt, requiring the skirt and bodice to be attached prior to wearing. These classic pageant skirts are easy to attach to a bodice to create a stunning pageant gown.

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Pull the cupcake skirt on over the waist of the bodice portion.


Measure the width around the waistline. Use scissors to cut out a wide piece of ribbon in a matching color that is two times the length of the waist. Trim each end of the ribbon at an angle so that the ends of the ribbon are pointed.


Wrap the ribbon around the waist of the pageant skirt and the bodice so that the center of the ribbon is at the center of the spine. Tie the ribbon in the center of the front of the waist to hold the ribbon in place on the waist.


Insert one straight pin into each side of the ribbon so that the ribbon is connected to the cupcake skirt and to the bodice. Untie the ribbon and remove the clothing from the body. Turn the skirt and bodice inside out.


Use a needle and thread in a color that matches the skirt to sew a running stitch through the layer of the ribbon, cupcake skirt and bodice. Sew along the right side, left side and rear. To allow room for the clothing to be taken off and on, do not sew the layers in the front of the body. Turn the pageant dress right-side-out.


Put the pageant dress on the body of the little girl. Tie the ribbon into a large bow in the front.

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